Effortlessly, Spring

Spring is here and we are torn between summer and winter wondering what to wear during this transitional phase.

Here are my top 5 picks from this season’s trends that can be sported effortlessly.

1. Mellow Yellow

If you think that yellow isn’t your colour, fret not. It’s not limited to bright canary shades. Find a shade that flatters your skin tone and slay like you always do!

2. Flower Power

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This sounds like a cliché. But what better time to rock florals than this vibrant blooming season.
Go bigger & bolder with the prints and throw on a moto jacket for an edge.

3. Pretty Pastels


I have always been partial to pastels no matter what the season is. Now that spring/summer is here there’s no reason to stay away from these light & airy tones.

4. Dainty Lace

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Delicate lace detailing can instantly spruce up nondescript looks by adding a touch of femininity. The latest collection at Forever21 does just that. The modest options are an added bonus for Hijabistas.

5. Denim Shirts

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Denim shirts are perfect for those days when you aren’t sure about wearing a denim jacket or going bare. This slouchy number from a local brand in Malaysia is denim-cotton and embellished with lace trimmings.

P.S: Don’t forget to add a dose of ‘spring’ in your step as you stroll through picturesque fields and meadows.

10 Wardrobe Staples of a Hijabista

Have you ever dreamt of a closet that magically renews itself, not having to spend another panicky morning, staring into the emptiness (or rather the crowded-ness), thinking “I have nothing to wear!”, yet again?

We have no fairy godmothers, so the closest we could get to that is by investing in a few timeless pieces that can work it’s charm anytime, anywhere with grace and elegance.

Here are a few classics:

1.  A White Button-Down Shirt

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A crisp white button-down is the most versatile piece in a wardrobe. Suit up for office or dress it down for the weekends, layering it under crop tops and jumpers.

2.  Maxi Cardigans


For sheer comfort and ease without compromising on coverage.

3.  Basic Tees

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An essential layering element, they can be used as a foundation for your outfits.

4.  Wide Leg Trousers / Denims


Pull together a pair of wide leg trousers with your favourite top as alternate work wear and a pair of denims with an over-the-top flared sleeve tunic for brunch with your girls.

5.  Scarves

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An absolute necessity for every hijabi, there’s nothing wrong in hoarding them in every colour, print and texture you spot! ;p

6.  Trench Coat

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Throw it over any outfit to up your game instantly.

7.  Blazer / Leather Jacket

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Be it work or a casual weekend you can werk it anyday, anytime!

8.  Maxi Dress / Maxi Skirt

img_0664There’s nothing that translates to hijab chic like maxi dresses and maxi skirts.

9.  White Sneakers


If they go out of style you’ll still need them for your workouts. Duh.

10.  Classic Pumps

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Black and nude pumps are basic essentials in every wardrobe. They’ll go with practically every outfit you put together.

Shifting Shadows

Solitary feathers drifting down
Lofty trees shroud the sinking sun
While the pampering wind blows fronds apart
A ray of golden warmth gleams down

The sky that knows no bounds
Rolls down to the creases
Where valleys of crimson hue, abound
Catching reflections of a splendid scene
Flocks and feathers flying by

Peering through the sky, the half-traced moon lies
My thoughts prayerful as the day dies
Time is melting by, as the wilderness comes alive
And it’s time we said good-bye

The wave lash reverberates through the skies
Drifting clouds shadowing the night
The weeping moon sheds light
Tear drops evolving to a star-studded sight

Delirious Minds

My love affair with books goes way back to kindergarten when Dad first decided to take me book shopping and introduced me to a whole new world of imagination.

From scouting and flipping through random books in the aisles of our favourite bookstore to monitoring my reading content during my teen years when we started sneaking romance novels into our homes, we have come a long way. It were those magical stories that made life fulfilling and worth living.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only once.

–  George R.R Martin

Reading not only takes your mind off your troubles but also takes years off your mind and enlightens you in infinite ways. New perspectives are built, broadening your scope of contemplation and making a positive impact on your life; which in turn manifests as empathy towards others and drives you to altruism.

I urge you to snuggle up in a warm bed and  bury yourself in a good book to open new doors that lead to bliss.

A Month of Sundays

A fair amount of nudging from family and friends and here I am picking up the threads from where I last left them, all frayed. What are New Years for, afterall? This post is long overdue and labelling it as tardy would be a bit of an understatement. But in my defence, I have my hands full with my toddler and as you’d know, motherhood doesn’t come easy, you just embrace it.
Time heals all wounds and it’s not long before you get back on your feet and feel yourself again. And not just the shadow of your former self. There is light at the end of every tunnel. Just hang on and it will be worth it.

A Cloudy Canvas

There’s something about the sea that comforts the soul and revives the mind.

Those of you who have known me through the years wouldn’t be surprised, owing to the fact that a considerable portion of my life has been spent dawdling on sea shores trying to figure out the meaning of life and more often than not just sharing a moment with family and friends, watching the spectacular sun paint a myriad hues as it goes down on another beautiful day. Much the same as life as we know it, no two sunsets are ever the same. Eclectic with fresh opportunities waiting to be ceased by the hour, a new day is born everyday. It is in our hands to make it or break it. What do you choose to do?

Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.

– J.K. Rowling